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Hydrogen Bus The hydrogen bus is a project I had the pleasure to work since 2008, when the bus was just a prototype. More than the design of the bus, I could work on the hole branding and communication of the technology project in Conferences around the world. The bus is in its fifth version and already to other technologies as hybrid Etanol-Eletric and 100% Eletric versions.    
Branding Casa Alquímica Casa Alquimica is more than a Parfum branding, they produce individual essences and help people to know their self better by the smell. The logo was made to show all this essence, totally artesanal, inspired by the smell the client believes describes better its company.      
Agenda FUNBIO The Diary for FUNBIO was one of the projects which I love to work. FUNBIO is a Brazilian government agency, working to promote the Brazilian biodiversity. During the project development, I had contact with one of the biggest photographers of biodiversity in Brazil, Zuppani.
Book Redescobrindo a Mata Atlântica This book was made to give support to a project to reforest the Atlantic Forest and to take care of the biodiversity, in special the monkeys who live in that environment. I enjoy very much to work on ecological projects, and educative even more. They gave me the opportunity to learn much more about Brazilian biodiversity and to be party of important projects.
Fencing Test Event Rio2016 In 2016, the biggest event of the world hosted for the first time in my city and I was part of this. However before the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it happened many Test Events to prepare the city for this mega event. Two of this Teste Events were the most important competitions of the Fencing sport season, the Fencing World Cup and Fencing Grand Prix. I was responsible to the production, supervision and to adapt the branding to fit the look of the Arenas, included the field of play and the design of event…