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Book Redescobrindo a Mata Atlântica This book was made to give support to a project to reforest the Atlantic Forest and to take care of the biodiversity, in special the monkeys who live in that environment. I enjoy very much to work on ecological projects, and educative even more. They gave me the opportunity to learn much more about Brazilian biodiversity and to be party of important projects.
Fencing Test Event Rio2016 In 2016, the biggest event of the world hosted for the first time in my city and I was part of this. However before the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it happened many Test Events to prepare the city for this mega event. Two of this Teste Events were the most important competitions of the Fencing sport season, the Fencing World Cup and Fencing Grand Prix. I was responsible to the production, supervision and to adapt the branding to fit the look of the Arenas, included the field of play and the design of event…
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy - Brasil This folder and presentation for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP Brasil) was part of a project to develop the urban mobility in several cities in Brazil.
Package Design of Zen Watch Sobral is a Brazilian designer famous for his exotic and colourful jewels. At this occasion he was lunching the Zen Watch, which was more a philosophical idea than a watch. The creative concept of this product has the idea which nowadays the watches are useless, because everyone has a smartphones, not only to see the time, but to integrate the necessity to know the time with some others tools. So the Zen Watch comes with a manual explaining how to think about your time while you uses it. How cool and funny was to make…
Branding 100 Dias de Paz I always had a very close relationship with social projects and with sports. In 2012 I could work in both together in this beautiful social project for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As Communication Coordinator I developed the hole visual identity and look of the project. In 2016, I became General Coordinator of this project, sponsored by some German Institutions, on the Campaign “Rio Bewegt Uns” where we made the International Conference 100 Days of Peace on the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and countless others social actions during the Games.
Branding Portuguese Catholic Mission of Cologne The Mission is much more than a religious project, it is social, helping the immigrants who arrive in Germany. I volunteered to design the new visual identity and also to support the medias and a monthly newsletter.